Rescue Team PH is 24/7 active. We are a group of well-trained and highly-professional medical personnel. Equipped with modern ambulances, we can respond to your rescue in minutes.



Be it on land or sea. We are equipped to respond to your emergency.

Medical evacuations (medivacs) are by definition, unplanned, unexpected and urgent. They are results from an equally unexpected turn of events such as injuries sustained by accidents or illness which happens to a patient far away from a quality healthcare facility.

Most people derive their knowledge of medical evacuation with wrong anticipation of procedures and standards as shown on docudramas. But when a medical evacuation has become necessary, and people are worried, anxious, scared and in pain, the time is not appropriate to explain the reasons for the differences between cherished myths and an evacuation unit’s performance.

The Medical team are speciallized and well trained in dealing with all kinds of Medical Assistance for our clients, such as Health Screening for various medical conditions, Diving and other accidents, hospital to hospital transfers, home to hospital transfers and vice versa. All medical cases are accessed by our team in order to provide the quickest and safest means of transportation of the client to a well equipped medical facility. MEDICAL ASSISTANCE

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Help is a Heartbeat away.

Our EMS Unit, has teams of speciallized and well trained doctors nurses and paramedics, to cater for all kinds of medical situations. They have provided medical assistance within the Asean regions, such as, Indonesia, Vietnam,Malaysia,Philippines, and World-wide.

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Our medical and emergency response team is 24/7 active.